Car inverter 150W 12V 220V 110V with fast charge QC3.0

Car inverter 150W 12V 220V 110V with fast charge QC3.0

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The compact design of this inverter fits seamlessly into your car, ensuring ease of use. With DC12V input voltage and AC220V or AC110V output voltage options, our inverters are capable of converting your car battery power into stable and reliable equipment power.

But that’s not all, this inverter also boasts a continuous power output of 150W, enough for everything from laptops to cameras to TVs. Need some extra motivation? no problem! The inverter also has a peak power of 300W, ensuring your appliances can handle sudden surges in power demand without issue.

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Worried about the quality of the power output? Rest assured that our inverters produce a modified sine wave output waveform suitable for most electronic equipment and guarantee smooth and consistent performance.

Plus, our inverter is equipped with a QC3.0 USB output, allowing you to fast charge compatible devices anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to slow charging times and hello to fast and efficient charging!

Whether you're going on a road trip, camping, or just needing reliable power on the go, our Quick Charge QC3. 0 150W 12V 220V 110V Car Inverter is the perfect companion.


Input Voltage  DC12V
Onput Voltage  AC220V/110V
Continuous Power Output  150W
Peak Power  300W
Output Waveform  Modified Sine Wave
USB output  QC3.0
Electric vehicle inverter dedicated
12V to 220V car power converter


1. High conversion efficiency and fast start.
2. Stable output voltage.
3. Real power.
4. The peak output power is as high as 150W and provides overload and short circuit protection;
3. Low input voltage protection design, provide automatic shutdown function of the battery;
4.Use aluminum alloy shells and intelligent heat dissipation fans to provide overheating automatic shutdown protection. After returning to normal, it will start itself;
5. The maintenance design to ensure that this product can continue to run for a long time;
6. Plug and play, provide an AC output interface to meet the user's demand for AC power;
9. Electric vehicle inverter dedicated has complete functions, providing corresponding standards for voltage and sockets in different regions of the world, and supports OEM services.
7, small size, exquisite appearance and beautiful appearance.


Fast charging of the car inverter is a new power solution developed by Meind for high demand and mobile power applications to meet the higher demand for users in the digital area for efficiency and flexibility. 12V to 220V car power converter transforms DC into AC (generally 220V or 110V), mainly for mobile phones, electric shaver, digital camera, camera and other batteries.


Q: What specifications of batteries do ordinary car cars use?
Answer: Under normal circumstances, small cars with a cylinder volume of below 1.3 liters are equipped with a 40-45-time battery, a 1.6-2.0-liter medium-sized car is equipped with a battery of 50-60 amp, medium and large cars above 2.2 liters Equipped with a 60-80 -time battery. The batteries equipped by off -road and multi -functional vehicles are generally larger than the battery capacity of cars of the same volume engine. The voltage of the battery, most of the cars use 12 volt batteries, most of the cars (including load vehicles) using diesel engines are used for most of the battery, and a few still use 12 volt batteries.




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