Significance of portable energy storage power supply and outdoor power supply

Significance of portable energy storage power supply and outdoor power supply

The emergence of portable energy storage power has the greatest significance and has changed our living habits.

1. The power generation system without logistics is the most important significance of portable energy storage power supply.

The combination of portable energy storage power supply + photovoltaic power generation is a set of "no logistics power generation system", which does not burn oil, does not burn coal, does not require logistical support, and has a steady stream of electricity.

Rely on photovoltaic power generation during the day, use electricity while generating electricity, store the inexhaustible electricity, use the stored electricity at night, and start again, let us get rid of the shackles of the "grid".

In the future, portable energy storage power + photovoltaic power generation will be the mainstay, supplemented by fuel generators, which will become our priority option for outdoor electricity consumption. This way of electricity consumption will greatly enhance our outdoor retention capacity.

2. Get rid of the shackles of "line"

Most of the time, when we look at the electricity, there is only one point, that is, we can’t connect to the electricity, and we can only feel wronged that we don’t use electricity. With the portable energy storage power supply, we can use electricity freely. We can use it whenever we want, wherever we think of it where to use.

3. One more option for green electricity consumption

In many cases, we are away from the grid. In order to use electricity, we must bring a fuel generator. With a portable energy storage power supply, we have an additional green choice for electricity use.

Whenever a new thing appears, there will inevitably be various voices, some in favor and some in opposition.

After the appearance of portable energy storage power supply, some people said that the lithium battery used in this kind of energy storage power supply is not safe.

Although fuel generators are a very mature way of using electricity, fuel generators also have their disadvantages, such as the need for fuel supply, not easy to carry, professional electrical skills, noise, and pungent smell. Out of service.

Although the portable outdoor power supply also has its disadvantages, it is clean, hygienic, convenient and quick, and does not require professional electrical skills. You can use it as you want. This is incomparable to fuel generators, and it is also needed by many people.

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