Multifunctional car power converter socket charger 200W with fast charge

Multifunctional car power converter socket charger 200W with fast charge

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1.Input Voltage: DC12V

2.Output Voltage: AC220V/110V

3.Continuous Power Output: 200W

4.Peak Power: 400W

5.Output Waveform: Modified Sine Wave

6.USB output: 3USB  QC3.0+5V 2.4A

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Input Voltage  DC12V
Output Voltage  AC220V/110V
Continuous Power Output  200W
Peak Power  400W
Output Waveform  Modified Sine Wave
USB output  3USB  QC3.0+5V 2.4A
12V to 220V110V car inverter
Multifunctional car power converter socket charger


1. All -in -one cigarette lighters, plug -in, flame retardant cases, high temperature resistance, safe and reliable.
2. Strong anti -impact ability, specially designed for car convenience.
3. Have a light cigarette butt that is easy to carry, fire resistance to high temperature resistance, not rust, good conductivity, long life.
4. Safety sockets, high -quality copper parts.
5. Smart LED numbers, real -time monitoring voltage
6. The structure and appearance design is novel, small and beautiful, and outstanding personality.
7. You can support the national standard, US standard, European standard, Australian standard and other plugs.
8 The inverter has complete functions, providing corresponding standards for voltage and sockets in different regions around the world, and supports OEM services.
9. It has functions such as over current protection, overload protection, low pressure protection, high pressure protection, high temperature protection, etc., and will not cause damage to external electrical equipment and transportation itself.


Multifunctional car power converter socket charger is a new power solution developed by Monody for high demand and mobile power applications to meet the higher demand for users in the digital era for efficiency and flexibility. Fast charging in the car converter transform DC into communication (generally 220V or 110V), which are mainly used for mobile phones, laptops, iPad, cameras and other digital products.

Q: What is continuous output power?
Answer: Some electrical appliances or tools that use electric motors, such as refrigerators, washing machines, electric diamonds, etc. At the moment of startup, a large current requires a large current to promote it. Once the start is successful, it only requires a smaller current to maintain its normal operation. Therefore, for 12V to 220V110V car inverter, there is the concept of continuous output power and peak output power. The continuous output power is the rated output power; the general peak output power is 2 times the rated output power. It must be emphasized that some electricals, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, are equivalent to 3-7 times that of normal working currents. Therefore, only the inverter that can meet the peak power of the electrical appliance can work normally.




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