1000W inverter combined with convenient battery charger is the perfect companion for emergencies

1000W inverter combined with convenient battery charger is the perfect companion for emergencies

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Rated power: 1000W

Peak power: 2000W

Input voltage: DC12V

Output voltage: AC110V/220V

Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Output waveform: modified sine wave

Battery charger: YES

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Rated power


Peak power


Input voltage


Output voltage


Output frequency


Output waveform

 Modified sine wave

Battery charger


Car power converter
Car converter 220

With a rated power of 1000W and a peak power of 2000W, this power converter can easily handle everything from laptops and smartphones to small appliances. The input voltage is DC12V, allowing you to connect it to a car battery or any other 12V power source. The output voltage can choose AC110V or AC220V, depending on your specific requirements. The output frequency can also be adjusted to 50Hz or 60Hz to ensure compatibility with different devices and regions.

One of the outstanding features of this power converter is its ultra-short switching times of less than 10ms. This extraordinary speed ensures minimal data loss, allowing you to continue working or playing seamlessly. In addition, ultra-low interference technology guarantees clean and stable power delivery without any unwanted interruptions or distortions.

1000W car power converter with battery charger sets itself apart from the competition by offering a unique combination of improved sine wave inverter and battery charger. This dual function not only powers your devices but also charges your car battery or any other 12V battery. Operation is further simplified by separate indicator lights for charging and inverter, allowing easy monitoring of the status of both functions.

The stylish and sturdy aluminum housing enhances the durability of the power converter while also improving heat dissipation. This ensures that the device stays cool even during extended periods of use, preventing any overheating issues and extending its overall lifespan.

In conclusion, the 1000W car power converter with battery charger is a versatile and reliable power solution for all your power needs on the go. With its impressive specifications including ultra-short switching times, ultra-low disturbance technology, corrected wave inverter + battery charging, this product is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures or emergencies.


1. Ultra -short switching time (less than 10ms) reduce data loss:
2. Ultra -low interference technology;
3. Modified wave inverter + battery charging
4. Charging and inverter independent indicators;
5 Aluminum housing can improve the solidity and heat dissipation capacity of the product, thereby extending its service life:.
6. Adopt reliable and advanced high -frequency technology to make the volume look small and stylish:
7. Have multiple protection functions: short circuit, overcharge, over temperature, anti -connection, etc., and have automatic restart function.


Car converter 220 can be used for solar power stations, photovoltaic off -grid power generation, home air conditioning, home theater electric sand wheels, electric tools, DVD, VCD, computer, TV, mobile phone, digital camera, video machine, washing machine, hood, refrigerator, massage device , Electric fan, lighting light, etc. Due to the high penetration rate of cars, you can connect the battery to the battery to drive the electrical appliances and various tools. Household car converter must be connected to the battery through the connection line, connect the load to the output end of the inverter to use AC power.Automotive Inverter Quotes.




Usage notice

1. The input terminal DC voltage needs to be consistent with the inverter voltage, and it needs to be correctly connected.
2. It should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to prevent rainfall, and there is a distance of more than 20cm from the surrounding objects. After continuous use, the surface temperature of the shell can reach 60 ° C away from flammable and explosive products. Covering other items, the environmental temperature is not greater than 50 ° C.
3. The charging and inverter cannot work at the same time, that is, the charging plug cannot be inserted into the electrical circuit of the inverter output when the inverter.
4. Power converter 220 between the two boot is not less than 5 seconds (cutting the input power supply).
5. Please wipe with a dry cloth or anti -static cloth to keep the machine tidy.
6. When the machine fails, in order to avoid accidents, users are strictly forbidden to dismantle the shell without permission for operation and use.
7. When connecting the battery, confirm that there are no other metal objects on the hand to avoid short circuit storage and burns.

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