What is the difference between a portable UPS power supply and an emergency power supply?

What is the difference between a portable UPS power supply and an emergency power supply?

Regarding the difference between portable UPS power supply and emergency power supply, many friends have already mentioned this question. Indeed, many people do not know the difference between portable UPS power supply and emergency power supply. Is there any overlap in the power supply range of the two?

The difference between portable UPS power supply and emergency power supply, I hope you can like it.

Portable UPS power supply: a static AC uninterruptible power supply device mainly composed of a power converter energy storage device and a switch to ensure the continuity of power supply. Portable UPS power supply can be understood literally as a portable and relatively small UPS power supply. In fact, a portable UPS power supply is a safe, portable, stable, and environmentally friendly small energy storage system that can provide a very portable and sustainable green energy solution.

Emergency power supply: An emergency power supply consisting of chargers, inverters, batteries, isolation transformers, switches and other devices that converts DC power into AC power. It is an emergency power supply that meets the special requirements of the fire protection industry, and is widely used in various construction projects to supply power for evacuation lighting or other electrical equipment that is urgently needed for fire protection and emergency situations. Its working principle is to use single inverter technology for dual power supply in case of emergency.

What is the difference between a portable UPS power supply and an emergency power supply?

1. From the working principle:

The portable UPS power supply rectifies and filters the electricity and supplies the standard voltage output by the inverter all the way, and supplies the battery all the way, when the mains power is disconnected. The electricity in the battery is converted into a standard voltage by the inverter to supply the load, ensuring a green, stable and continuous power supply for the load.

The portable UPS power supply is isolated from the utility power and the electrical equipment. The utility power will not directly supply power to the electrical equipment, but will be converted into DC power when it reaches the UPS, and then divided into two routes, one for charging the battery and the other for switching back to the UPS. AC power supplies power to electrical equipment. When the quality of mains power supply is unstable or there is a power outage, the battery will switch from charging to power supply, and will not switch back to charging until the mains power returns to normal. As long as the output power of the portable UPS is sufficient, it can supply power to any equipment that uses mains power.

The emergency power supply adopts single inverter technology, which integrates charger, battery, inverter and controller. The battery detection and shunt detection circuits are designed inside the system, and the backup operation mode is adopted. When the mains input is normal, the input mains supplies power to important loads through the mutual input device, and at the same time, the system controller automatically detects the mains and manages the charging of the battery pack through the charger.

2. From the scope of application:

Application range of emergency power supply: emergency lighting controller, fire emergency lighting and other equipment, emergency lighting centralized power supply, crowded places with steps, ramps, escalators, etc., fire control room, power distribution room, and power supply for various buildings It is an indispensable equipment in today's important buildings.

Portable UPS power application range: outdoor office, field photography, outdoor construction, backup power supply, emergency power supply, fire rescue, disaster relief, car start, digital charging, mobile power supply; it can also be used in mountainous areas, pastoral areas, and field inspections without electricity , Going out for travel and leisure, or in a car or boat, it can be used as a DC or AC power supply.Car 220v Converter Factory  

3. In terms of output power:

The power supply object of portable UPS power supply is computer and network equipment. There is little difference in the nature of the load, so the national standard stipulates that the UPS output power factor is 0.8. In order to ensure the uninterrupted and high-quality power supply of the online portable UPS, the inverter is preferred.

The emergency power supply is mainly used as an emergency protection of the power supply, and the nature of the load is a combination of inductive, capacitive and rectifying loads. Some loads are put into work after the mains power failure. Therefore, EPS is required to provide a large inrush current. Generally, it is required to operate normally for more than 10rain under 120% rated load. Therefore, EPS needs to have good output dynamic characteristics and strong overload resistance. EPS power supply is to ensure emergency use. Mains power is the first choice. .




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