The original sine wave inverter needs multi-layer protection design

The original sine wave inverter needs multi-layer protection design

With the rapid development of the energy storage power supply market, sine wave inverters are widely used in outdoor activities, mobile office, field camping, medical rescue, vehicle tool power supply, etc., to meet various power shortage needs.

It turns out that the sine wave inverter needs these protective designs to be safer:

The short-circuit protection function refers to the protection that can ensure that the power supply is cut off quickly and reliably after a short-circuit fault occurs in the electrical circuit, so as to avoid damage to the electrical equipment caused by the impact of the short-circuit current.

The over-current protection function means that the device has a current protection module. When the current exceeds the set current, the device will automatically power off to protect the device. For example, the USB interface of the motherboard CPU generally has USB overcurrent protection to protect the motherboard from being burned.

Over-power protection function, when the load is over-voltage in the power supply, or the subsequent load has short-circuit over-current and other super-real power faults, the overload protection circuit in the circuit cuts off the main power supply through the feedback circuit action to protect the circuit and load. Make the fault no longer expand.

Under-voltage protection function When the line voltage drops to the critical voltage, the action of protecting electrical appliances is called under-voltage protection. Its main task is to prevent the equipment from being burned due to overload.

The over-temperature protection function means that when the temperature exceeds the flip threshold, the potential of the negative terminal of the comparator will drop to be lower than the potential VREF2 of the positive terminal, and the comparator will output a high level, thereby turning off the power switching device and preventing the chip from being burned.

Overcharge protection function. When not in normal use, we also need to charge the car's emergency starter power supply. When the power supply is fully charged and the circuit has not been cut off, the power supply will automatically activate the overcharge protection function and no longer charge. Play the role of protecting the battery and prolonging the use of the product.Car Inverter Truck Quotes  



Rated power: 600W

Peak power: 1200W

Input voltage: DC12V/24V

Output voltage: AC110V/220V

Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Output waveform: Pure Sine Wave

Post time: Aug-08-2023