Energy Storage Station 600W lithium battery for all your energy storage needs

Energy Storage Station 600W lithium battery for all your energy storage needs

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Introducing the Energy Storage Station 600W Lithium Battery – Model S-600! This innovative compact power supply is perfect for all your energy storage needs. Featuring 666WH and 22.2V lithium capacity, this charging station ensures long-lasting power anywhere, anytime.

Multiple input options for the Energy Storage Station 600W lithium-ion battery, charging is very convenient. Support TYPE-C PD60W, DC12-26V 10A, PV15-35V 7A input, multiple charging methods. Whether you’re at home, in the car, or using solar power, this charging station easily adapts to different charging sources.

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Battery Capacity

Lithium 599.4WH 21.6V


TYPE-C PD60W,DC12-26V 10A,PV15-35V 7A


TYPE-C PD60W, 3USB-QC3.0, 2DC-DC14V 8A,

DC Cigarette Lighter

DC14V 8A, 

AC 300W Pure Sine Wave

10V220V230V  50Hz60HzOptional

Support wireless charging


Cycle times

>800 times


AC adapter, Car charging cable, Manual





Energy storage battery home.
Energy storage station.

The 600W lithium battery of the energy storage station has a capacity of up to 666WH and a maximum voltage of 22.2V, which ensures long-lasting power and can support various equipment and electrical appliances. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and even small appliances, this versatile power supply has you covered. Gone are the days of worrying about your battery dying and being disconnected from the world.

One of the outstanding features of our energy storage stations is their variety of input options, making charging very convenient and hassle-free. Support TYPE-C PD60W, DC12-26V 10A and PV15-35V 7A input, you can easily use various power sources to charge the Li-ion battery. Whether you're plugging into a wall outlet, car charger, or solar panel, this charging station has what you need, giving you the flexibility you deserve.

In addition to its impressive capacity and versatile charging options, the Energy Storage Station 600W Lithium Battery – Model S-600 has been designed with safety in mind. Equipped with advanced safety features like overcharge protection, short circuit protection and overheating protection, the charging station is designed to keep you and your devices safe at all times. You can trust our products to deliver reliable, efficient power without compromising safety.

Energy Storage Station 600W Lithium Battery – Model S-600 sets a new standard in energy storage solutions. Its compact size, high capacity, and variety of input options make it ideal for everyday use and outdoor adventures. Whether you're camping, traveling, or just looking for reliable power at home, this charging station has everything you need and more.

Say goodbye to the trouble of running out of electricity, and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind brought by the 600W lithium battery of the energy storage station——Model S-600. Control your energy needs and never lose power again. Experience the future of energy storage with our breakthrough products today!Car 220v Converter Factory  


  1. 1. Lithium -ion battery portable power is strong, light and portable, exquisite appearance, built -in large -capacity ternary lithium ion battery pack, lasting battery life, full of power, is a very convenient online reserve mobile power supply.
  2. 2. Safe and environmental protection, and exchange 220V/110V pure sine wave output. It is the first choice for your home travel, outdoor office, and outdoor operations.
  3. 3. Dispel box design, lightly carry, can be moved at any time, quickly disassembled, and the load is very large.
  4. 4. Light product weight, high capacity, and high power. The unique 12VDC & 220VAC voltage output, AC100V 240V output.
  5. 5. Portable energy storage power supply has four major protection, with unique overvoltage, overload, short -circuit protection design, overload/over current/overcharge/over -loading protection.
  6. 6. Lightweight and convenient, real two -way, fast charge, light weight, small volume, large power.


Outdoor mobile energy storage power supply is particularly suitable for power supply and charging of mobile communication and emergency equipment. Suitable for mobile phones, televisions, energy -saving lamps, laptops, digital appliances, outdoor office, field photography, outdoor construction, backup power supply, emergency power supply, fire rescue, disaster relief, car startup, digital charging, mobile power supply, etc. Used in non -electricity areas, pastoral areas, field inspections, traveling and leisure or on cars or ships can be used as DC and AC power supply. It is very widely used.

Energy storage battery home
Energy storage station
Outdoor mobile energy storage power supply



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1. Experience: We are a professional manufacturer of 23 years. We have very rich experience in production technology, product quality, talent team, research and development capabilities, and service levels. We have strong competitiveness in peers.

2. Price: Directly factory, lowest price sales.

3. Patent: Our products have more than 40 patents, high technology content, and are national high -tech enterprises.

4. Certificate: GS, NF, ROHS, CE, FCC certification, ISO 9001 certificate and BSCI certificate.

5. Quality assurance: 100 % mass production aging test, 100 % material test, 100 % functional test, layer by layer, and insurance companies underwritten.

6. Service support: One -year warranty period, lifetime after -sales service. The quality traceability, fast delivery, no worry after sale.

7. R & D technology strong: R & D team includes electronic engineers, structural engineers and exterior designers. It is powerful.

8. Modern production chain: Advanced automated production equipment workshops, including aging test workshops, SMT patchworks, production assembly workshops, laser laser workshops, UV curing craft workshops.    

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