Energy storage power supply 300W lithium battery, the ultimate solution to meet your power needs

Energy storage power supply 300W lithium battery, the ultimate solution to meet your power needs

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Introducing our latest innovation in energy storage power supply: 300W lithium battery energy storage power supply. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this portable power supply offers a range of features, making it a versatile and reliable solution for all your energy needs.

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Battery Capacity

Lithium 333WH 22.2V


TYPE-C PD60W,DC12-26V 10A,PV15-35V 7A


TYPE-C PD60W, 3USB-QC3.0, 2DC-DC14V 8A,

DC Cigarette Lighter

DC14V 8A

AC 300W Pure Sine Wave

110V220V230V  50Hz60Hz(Optional)

Support wireless charging


Cycle times

>800 times


AC adapter, Car charging cable, Manual





Energy storage power household
Energy storage power supply 300W

In today's fast-paced world, power outages can disrupt our daily lives and cause inconvenience, especially in critical situations. That's why our energy storage power supplies are engineered to provide reliable backup power.

This versatile power supply is ideal for a variety of applications, from home backup energy storage to small ventilators to ensure patients are not affected by power outages. Its compact size makes it extremely portable and easy to take with you, giving you the convenience of having backup power wherever you go.

The applications for our energy storage power supplies are limitless. It's especially useful in outdoor construction projects, where reliable power is critical to keeping operations running smoothly. Plus, for outdoor enthusiasts, this power supply acts as a lifeline during camping trips or outdoor excursions, ensuring you stay connected and powered.

This energy storage power supply is also ideal for outdoor surveys and offices. It can power vital equipment and installations, enabling professionals to work in remote locations without having to worry about power. In addition, it is an essential tool during troop exercises, ensuring that communications equipment and other equipment are always operational.

Not limited to professional use, this power supply is also indispensable in critical situations such as power testing, film and television shooting, and fire emergency. Lightweight and portable, it can be easily transported to any location, ensuring continuous power for essential operations.

Outdoor communication and environmental monitoring is another highlight of our energy storage power supply. With its long-lasting lithium battery, it provides reliable power for radios, satellite phones and other communication devices. It has also proven to be an invaluable asset for environmental monitoring stations, allowing them to collect data without interruption.

At the heart of this power supply is its powerful lithium battery. With a capacity of 300W, it can provide sufficient power for various devices to ensure uninterrupted operation. The lithium battery guarantees long life and durability, giving you peace of mind knowing your power needs are being met.

In conclusion, our Energy Storage Power 300W Lithium Battery is the ultimate backup power solution. Whether you need emergency power for your home, reliable power for outdoor events, or a backup system for critical operations, this power supply has you covered. Don't let a power outage disrupt your life - invest in our energy storage power supply and keep it powered.12v Car Converter Factory


Energy storage power household  is Small coincidences carry spare power supply, widely used for spare Energy storage power household or small ventilator to prevent power out of power and affect patients. Other applications: outdoor construction, outdoor tourism, outdoor survey, outdoor office, troops exercise, power detection, film and television shooting, fire emergency, outdoor communication, environmental monitoring, etc.;

Energy storage power household(1)
Energy storage power supply 300W(1)
Outdoor energy mobile power supply(1)




R & D cost (including software, hardware investment);  

The output conversion rate is more than 90% or more;

Stable performance, including overload and internal temperature testing test (the development of normal outdoor power supply takes one month, but the market debugging takes 8 months);

 80%of the ordinary 300W Outdoor energy mobile power supply cannot be stopped after the battery is not available. It can only not work if the battery is only 60-70% of the battery. Our product can put the battery 99.8% .  

High cost performance;

Fast shipments (15 working days); 

The internal heat dissipation performance is good. The full intelligent heat dissipation static cooling system can increase the product conversion rate to the highest point; 

he fuselage anti -combustion, anti -explosion, corrosion resistance, anti -squeezing protection products.

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