Pure sine wave inverter lets you convert DC power from 12V or 24V batteries to clean and reliable 110V or 220V AC power as needed

Pure sine wave inverter lets you convert DC power from 12V or 24V batteries to clean and reliable 110V or 220V AC power as needed

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The compact design of this inverter fits seamlessly into your car, ensuring ease of use. With DC12V input voltage and AC220V or AC110V output voltage options, our inverters are capable of converting your car battery power into stable and reliable equipment power.

But that’s not all, this inverter also boasts a continuous power output of 150W, enough for everything from laptops to cameras to TVs. Need some extra motivation? no problem! The inverter also has a peak power of 300W, ensuring your appliances can handle sudden surges in power demand without issue.


Input Voltage : DC12V(10—15V)

Output Voltage: AC220V/110V±10V

Continuous Power output : 150W

Surge Power Capacity : 300W

Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz ±4Hz

Availability Power : ≥90.5%

Output Waveform : Modified Sine wave

USB output : QC3.0

High Voltage Range: DC15.1V±0.5V

LOW Voltage Range: DC9.8V±0.5V                          

Over Load Protection: ≥180W

Over-Heat Protection: ≥ 65℃

Short circuit protection:YES


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Input Voltage  DC12V
Onput Voltage  AC220V/110V
Continuous Power Output  150W
Peak Power  300W
Output Waveform  Modified Sine Wave
USB output  QC3.0
Electric vehicle inverter dedicated
12V to 220V car power converter

With an input voltage range of 10-15V and compatibility with a wide variety of battery types and voltages, our inverters are ideal for a variety of applications including RVs, boats, off-grid solar systems, and emergency backup power. The output voltage of AC220V/110V±10V ensures that your electronic equipment and appliances get a stable and consistent power supply, protecting them from potential damage.

Designed for convenience and versatility, our inverters feature 150W of continuous power output and 300W of surge power capability to handle sudden power demands. The frequency can be set to 50Hz or 60Hz with a variation range of ±4Hz, ensuring compatibility with different devices around the world.OEM Auto Inverter 12 220

With ≥90.5% available power, our inverters provide excellent energy efficiency, reduce power consumption and extend battery life. The output waveform is a clean and reliable modified sine wave, providing stable and consistent power to sensitive electronic equipment.

In addition to the AC power output, our inverters also include a USB output with QC3.0 technology, allowing you to charge your mobile devices quickly and efficiently. The high-voltage range of DC15.1V±0.5V and the low-voltage range of DC9.8V±0.5V ensure that your battery remains within a safe operating range, preventing damage to the battery due to overvoltage or undervoltage.

Our inverters also have safety features, including ≥180W overload protection, ≥65℃ overheat protection and short circuit protection. These protections ensure the longevity and reliability of the inverter and the safety of the connected equipment.

In conclusion, our Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V/24V to AC 110V 220V Voltage Power Converter Solar Inverter is a vital and reliable solution for all your power conversion needs. Experience the benefits of clean, consistent power, greater energy efficiency, and the convenience of charging your devices anytime, anywhere.


1. High conversion efficiency and fast start.
2. Stable output voltage.
3. Real power.
4. The peak output power is as high as 150W and provides overload and short circuit protection;
3. Low input voltage protection design, provide automatic shutdown function of the battery;
4.Use aluminum alloy shells and intelligent heat dissipation fans to provide overheating automatic shutdown protection. After returning to normal, it will start itself;
5. The maintenance design to ensure that this product can continue to run for a long time;
6. Plug and play, provide an AC output interface to meet the user's demand for AC power;
9. Electric vehicle inverter dedicated has complete functions, providing corresponding standards for voltage and sockets in different regions of the world, and supports OEM services.
7, small size, exquisite appearance and beautiful appearance.


Fast charging of the car inverter is a new power solution developed by Meind for high demand and mobile power applications to meet the higher demand for users in the digital area for efficiency and flexibility. 12V to 220V car power converter transforms DC into AC (generally 220V or 110V), mainly for mobile phones, electric shaver, digital camera, camera and other batteries.


Q: What specifications of batteries do ordinary car cars use?
Answer: Under normal circumstances, small cars with a cylinder volume of below 1.3 liters are equipped with a 40-45-time battery, a 1.6-2.0-liter medium-sized car is equipped with a battery of 50-60 amp, medium and large cars above 2.2 liters Equipped with a 60-80 -time battery. The batteries equipped by off -road and multi -functional vehicles are generally larger than the battery capacity of cars of the same volume engine. The voltage of the battery, most of the cars use 12 volt batteries, most of the cars (including load vehicles) using diesel engines are used for most of the battery, and a few still use 12 volt batteries.





1. Does the vehicle-mounted inverter have a temperature protection function?

  Yes, the all-in-one car inverter has internal temperature protection. This feature monitors the temperature of the inverter and automatically shuts down the inverter if it exceeds safe operating levels. This protects the inverter from overheating and potential damage.

 2. Does the car inverter all-in-one have a short-circuit protection function?

  Yes, the car inverter all-in-one is designed with a short circuit protection function. If there is a short circuit in the connected equipment or wiring, the inverter will shut down immediately to prevent any electrical damage.

3 What is a vehicle-mounted inverter?

  The car inverter is a device that uses advanced intelligent control technology to convert the direct current of the car battery into alternating current for use by various electronic devices. It is known for its high reliability and low failure rate.

 4. What are the characteristics of the vehicle-mounted inverter?

The vehicle-mounted inverter integrated machine has the characteristics of high reliability and low failure rate. It also has a strong load capacity and a wide range of applications, suitable for powering a variety of electronic devices.

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