Car converter 100W 12V 220V 110V with USB

Car converter 100W 12V 220V 110V with USB

Short Description:


1.Input Voltage: DC12V

2. Onput Voltage: AC220V/110V

3.Continuous Power Output: 100W

4.Peak Power: 200W

5.Output Waveform: Modified Sine Wave

6.USB output: 5V 2A

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Input Voltage


Onput Voltage


Continuous Power Output


Peak Power


Output Waveform

 Modified Sine Wave

USB output

 5V 2A

12V24V to 220V
The inverter of the car 12V to 220V


1. High conversion efficiency and fast start.
2. Stable output voltage.
3. Foot power.
4. Smart chip output voltage and current stability are good, and the response speed is fast.
5. Standard USB interface, which can be charged for digital devices such as mobile phones.
6. The peak output power is as high as 200W and provides overload and short circuit protection;
7. Low input voltage protection design, providing automatic shutdown function of battery;
8. Use aluminum alloy case and smart heat dissipation fan to provide overheating automatic shutdown and protection. After returning to normal, it will start itself;
9. Demonstrate design to ensure that this product can continue to run for a long time;
10. Provide an AC output interface to meet the user's needs for AC power;
11. The inverter has complete functions, providing corresponding standards for voltage and sockets in different regions of the world, and supports OEM services.


Fast charging of 12V24V to 220V inverter  is a new power solution developed by Meind for high demand and mobile power applications to meet the higher demand for users in the digital area for efficiency and flexibility. 12V to 220V car power converter transforms DC into AC (generally 220V or 110V), mainly for mobile phones, electric shaver, digital camera, camera and other batteries.Automotive Inverter Quotes.




Can I use a car inverter when turning off the car engine?

Answer: Yes. When using the inverter of the car 12V to 220V 110V  electrical appliances below 350 watts, the general car battery can provide 30-60 minutes of electricity when turning off the engine. If you only use a laptop consumption of 50-60 watts, the use time is much longer. Essence There is an under voltage warning and under pressure protection circuit in our inverter. When the battery is used for a long time, the voltage drops to 10 volts, the underwriter protection circuit is started, and the output voltage is cut off and alarm to prevent the battery from being too low because the voltage is too low. The engine cannot be started. Therefore, users can use the inverter at ease when the engine is closed.

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