New energy vehicle inverter 300W 12V to 220V/110V

New energy vehicle inverter 300W 12V to 220V/110V

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Rated power: 300W

Peak power: 600W

Input voltage: DC12V

Output voltage: AC110V/220V

Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

USB output: Dual USB

Output waveform: modified sine wave 

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Rated power  300W
Peak power  600W
Input voltage  DC12V
Output voltage  AC110V/220V
Output frequency  50Hz/60Hz
USB output  Dual USB
Output waveform  Modified sine wave 
Car inverter socket 300
new energy vehicle inverter


1. High conversion efficiency and fast start.
2. Stable output voltage.
3.Real power.
4. Smart temperature control silent fan.
5. Intelligent chip output voltage and current stability are good, and the response speed is fast.
6. Standard dual USB interface, which can be charged for digital devices such as mobile phones.
7. Plug and play, provide AC output interface to meet the user's demand for AC power.
8. Car inverter socket 300 has complete functions and provides corresponding standards for voltage and interfaces in different regions of the world and provides OEM services.
9. It has functions such as over current protection, overload protection, low -pressure protection, high pressure protection, high temperature protection, etc., and will not cause damage to external electrical equipment and transportation itself.OEM Auto Inverter 12 220 .


Automotive inverter power supply will consume a certain electricity at work, so its input power is greater than its output power. For example, new energy vehicle inverter inputs 100 watts of DC electricity and outputs 90 watts of AC power, then its efficiency is 90%.
1. Use office equipment (such as: computer, fax machine, printer, scanner, etc.);
2. Use domestic electrical appliances (such as game consoles, DVDs, audio, cameras, electric fans, lighting fixtures, etc.);
3. You need to charge the battery (mobile phone, electric shaver, digital camera, camera and other batteries).




Purchase Notes

1. DC voltage must be matched; each inverter has input voltage, such as 12V, 24V, etc. The battery voltage is required to be consistent with the DC input voltage of the inverter. For example, the 12V inverter must choose a 12V battery.
2.The output power of the inverter must be greater than the maximum power of electrical appliances.
3. Positive and negative electrodes must be wiring correctly
The DC voltage standard of the inverter has positive and negative electrodes. In general, red is positive (+), black is negative ( -), and the battery is also marked with positive and negative electrodes. Red is the positive electrode (+), and the black is the negative electrode ( -). ), Negative (black connection black).
4.The charging process and the inverse process cannot be performed at the same time to avoid damage to the equipment and cause failure.
5.The inverter shell should be correctly ground to avoid personal injury due to leakage.
6.In order to avoid electric shock damage, non -professional personnel are strictly prohibited from dismantling, maintenance, and modification inverters.

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