Portable power station VS Traditional generator

Portable power station VS Traditional generator

In the past, small fuel generator is the traditional product of outdoor construction, field activities, emergency power supply, diesel, gasoline or natural gas as fuel, through the high-speed movement of the engine to generate electricity, then output alternating current and direct current by rectifying and filtering . It has a long history, mature technology, and high output power (usually up to 2~8Kw), which can be produced for a long time by adding fuel continuously. However, there are a number of outstanding problems with oil-fired generators:

1. Large volume, it is inconvenient to handling and storage;

2. Heavy weight, usually need two or more people to carry;

3. With many interfaces and complex operation, it is necessary to learn the correct operation method;

4. Need to carry fuel, add oil, safety risk is big;

5. Loud noise, more smoke, affect the surrounding environment, hurt operators;

6. Need periodic maintenance, high invisible cost; 

In recent years, due to the iteration and upgrading of lithium battery technology, the decrease of research and development cost, the increase of outdoor activities demand, and the deepening of the awareness of disaster prevention and risk aversion, portable energy storage power comes into being. Portable energy storage power is a large power bank, it can also be called outdoor power supply and solar generator. The device not only has rich DC output interfaces, but also provides high power AC output, which can solve the problems well existing in small fuel generators. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Smaller size, lighter weight, a person can easily move to any location;

2. Both alternating current and direct current, all kinds of output interface simple and intuitive, simple operation;

3. High power supply quality, output the same quality of the grid sine wave AC power;

4. Various charging methods, solar charging can be used outdoors;

5. No conversion, plug and play, save a lot of preparation time;

6. Capacity up to 6Kwh, power up to 3Kw, covering more equipment types, applicable to more application scenarios;

7. Maintenance free, reducing maintenance time and cost;

8. Low use cost, only charging, do not need fuel and oil;

9. Long cycle life and excellent quality products still have 80% initial power after 500 complete cycles;

10. Safety, reduce the risk of labor injury in the process of operation to a very low level;

11. Environmental Protection – Use clean electricity, no noise;

12. Clean – no lampblack oil;


Post time: Feb-21-2023