Outdoor Good Companion-Car Inverter

Outdoor Good Companion-Car Inverter

It’s the weekend, I’m going to take the children out to play! Now put the plan on the itinerary and step up to add various equipment. Many friends are very concerned about how to solve the power supply in the car. According to the travel plan, I am most likely to use low-power devices such as mobile phones, computers, and cameras in the car. Today I would like to share this product with you. It is called car inverter The one I bought has a maximum power output of 200w, 12V to 220V. Therefore, it is essential to be equipped with an inverter. When choosing equipment, I usually look at the performance and then choose the brand. 

In addition to charging digital devices and turning on the high-power super mode of the notebook, it can also easily drive my projector and even small rice cookers and electric hot pots. As for the charging port discharge device recommended by many friends, I think it is too Trouble, Meind 200W inverter. can fully meet all my needs for parking electricity! If you need more power, you can also choose a larger one to match your needs. This product is very practical and cheap, and it will definitely help you.

A very important point, I chose it because I can see the current and voltage conditions, it is smarter, and it has 9 protection functions for electrical appliances. For those like me who can’t figure out the circuit, the key to choosing something is to be smart. But the inverter cable is relatively short, so I paired it with another cigarette lighter. I tried it, and these two can also be used in series. It is so convenient to put things in the back row for charging. 

The power  inverter is a new power solution developed by Meind for high-demand and mobile power applications, meeting users’ higher demands for efficiency and flexibility in the digital age. The car inverter converts DC into AC (generally 220V or 110V), mainly for charging mobile phones, laptops, ipads, cameras and other digital products. The humanized design, innovation and fashion elements of the inverter allow us to perfectly solve the multi-application load and the seamless experience of safety, reliability and plug-and-play.


Post time: Mar-21-2023