Must-Haves for Driving

Must-Haves for Driving

For friends who like to drive by themselves, with all kinds of small appliances in the car, getting electricity is a headache, so the car inverter has become an indispensable device on the road.

I bought Meind car inverter , which supports 500W high-power equipment. There are 2 different adapter cables in the accessories, one is the cigarette lighter ,and the other is the battery clip .Many people don’t know what an inverter is. In fact, it converts direct current (battery) into 220V alternating current, some daily small electrical appliances can be used, so that you don’t have to worry about outdoor lack of electricity.

The 500W inverter  is about 700g, and the weight is relatively light. The size is 167*95*55mm. Therefore, traveling by car or setting up a street stall are not easy to be damaged. The socket of this inverter is a universal plug, which can be used in sockets of various countries. It should be noted that this inverter only supports 12V batteries with 12V input, and 12V batteries with 24V input.

Both connection methods are very convenient, one is when the cigarette lighter is used, one end is connected to the cigarette lighter, and the other end is connected to the inverter. Another connection method is to connect to the inverter through the battery. Be sure to install the positive and negative poles correctly. Red is the positive pole and black is the negative pole. It can support up to 500W, and can be used for small rice cookers, computers, small car refrigerators, speakers and other home appliances.

When dining outdoors, you can boil water and cook rice, and provide power for speakers and projectors to have a more romantic outdoor feast.
For those who like self-driving travel, outdoor experts, and people who need temporary electricity, Meind inverter is a treasure worth buying.


Post time: Apr-04-2023