Meind outdoor power supply

Meind outdoor power supply

Power outdoors , Portable power station is a portable power supply with a built-in lithium-ion battery that can store electric energy by itself. The capacity of Meind outdoor power supply  is defined as 277Wh---888Wh, and the power is 300W---1000W. Provide power supply for various electrical equipment, especially in places where mains power cannot be supplied.

Meind's outdoor power supply provides safe, clean and convenient outdoor power solutions to solve the problem of outdoor power shortage, promote the popularization and application of green energy, increase the efficiency of outdoor operations, and improve the quality of outdoor life. At present, Meind has outdoor power supply S- series, M- series and other products. Outdoor power supply has been widely used in self-driving travel, aerial photography, camping party, mobile office and other scenarios. It is also used in emergency rescue, medical rescue, environmental monitoring, surveying and mapping exploration, etc. It plays an important role in outdoor work such as military informatization.


1. Meind energy  storage power supply  has a built-in lithium-ion battery, which has high energy density, long cycle life, light weight, and is easy to carry. The outdoor power supply itself can store power, has a multi-functional output interface, and can match devices with different input interfaces. It has large capacity, high power and portability, which cannot be realized by mobile power supplies and fixed power grids.

2. With 110V/220V AC voltage output interface: The AC output power range is usually between 300-3000W, which can supply power for various types of electrical appliances such as computers, digital cameras, fans, car refrigerators, rice cookers, and electric tools (Note: Different models have different AC output power).

3. With a car charger and a dedicated DC (direct current) interface: the voltage is usually 12V/24V, and the output power can reach 300W-1000W. It is mainly used to supply power for car equipment, such as: kettles, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, air pumps, and external inverters devices, ventilators, etc.With USB-A output interface: the voltage is 5V, which can supply power for small devices such as mobile phones, tablets, outdoor lights, small fans; with USB-C output interface: the voltage is 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V, and the power can be as high as 100W. Mainly for mobile phones, laptops and other equipment power supply.

4. 4 ways of self-reserving electric energy: 1. Wall plug charging 2. Solar photovoltaic panel charging 3. Car charging port 4. PD charging.

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Post time: Feb-18-2023