A tourist vacation brings in an extra business

A tourist vacation brings in an extra business

My fate with the car inverter and outdoor energy storage power supply

When I got off work this morning, I suddenly received a call from Kashgar, Xinjiang. On the other end of the phone, an old friend Mr Li greeted me very excitedly, invited me to play in Kashgar, Xinjiang, and told me good news. The car power bank and outdoor mobile energy storage power supply that I gave him before are very useful. Several Russian friends want this product very much. They invited me to go to Kashgar to negotiate this business in the shortest possible time. Various types of outdoor energy storage power supply, solar energy storage power supply, and several samples of vehicle-mounted inverters.

Knowing Mr Li is purely by fate. During the National Day this year, a few friends and I took our family to Shuangyue Bay, Huizhou, Guangdong for vacation, and stayed in hotel c25-01. There is a very beautiful beach there, known as the Hawaii of the East. Before I set off, I specially brought the outdoor mobile power supply, the car 12v to 220v inverter and the solar panel, which are very popular among car owners in the past two years. On the Golden Coast of Shuangyue Bay in Huizhou, I was playing on the beach with some friends ,families and children were having a great time playing and swimming in the shallows. In the evening, the light emitted by the energy storage power supply is very bright within 20 meters around. Everyone was drinking beer, eating kebabs, blowing the sea breeze comfortably, bragging all over the world, and singing with their own speakers. After Cov-19, everyone has not had such a happy time for a long time.

While drinking, a middle-aged man, a family of four who was also on vacation there, was around my car. He was very curious to see that I used the car inverter to connect the oven to barbecue, boil water, and charge the laptop. Cook rice with a mobile outdoor energy storage power supply. He felt very curious, so he came over and asked me about the situation in detail. He introduced himself that his name is Mr Li and he came here for vacation in Xinjiang. He did not expect that an ordinary car can be charged for a laptop for office work through a converter, and can also be used for small refrigerators, humidifiers, and dust collectors. he felt amazing. He said that he never expected such a good product in Xinjiang. Afterwards we all sat down to chat, drink, and eat barbecue. This friend from Xinjiang is very good at barbecue. He personally grilled Xinjiang-style kebabs for us. He asked me this product is so easy to use, where did I buy it? I told him that this product is very frequently used among our southern car owners. When you go on weekend outings, vacations, business trips, outdoor stalls, camping, etc., you must have outdoor mobile energy storage power supplies and car fission devices in your car. Two items, so that outdoor power consumption can basically be satisfied, especially some white-collar workers carry laptops and drones for aerial photography when they go out, so they don’t have to worry about running out of power and can work anytime, anywhere. I suggested that he search for "Shenzhen Meind Technology Company" on the Internet to order first, and remind him that there are many products of this product now, and he must pay attention to buying genuine products to ensure safe use.

At eight o'clock in the morning of the second day, Mr Li ran to my hotel to find me and said that my car inverter and outdoor mobile energy storage power supply were very useful, and asked me to transfer all these two sets of equipment, together with the solar charging board. Give it to him, he won't have to buy it. They are self-driving tours, and they can use these two sets of equipment all the way back to Xinjiang. In particular, they like to use drones for aerial photography during travel, and the batteries of drones are consumed quickly. It will be gone in ten minutes, so this outdoor mobile energy storage power supply and vehicle-mounted car inverter, no longer have to worry about drones and mobile phones running out of power, will bring them more convenience and more on their return journey fun of. After finishing speaking, he took off the jade pendant on his body and said: "This is the best Hetian jade. I have always carried it with me. Today, I became acquainted with you. Now I will give it to you as a souvenir, so that you can remember me as a friend from Xinjiang." , please accept it." This jade pendant is about the size of three fingers. It is delicate in texture, lustrous, crystal clear, and warm throughout. It is very beautiful and valuable. Seeing that he was so forthright and sincere, I returned to the car and gave all the car inverter, outdoor mobile energy storage power supply, and solar charging board to Mr Li, and made an appointment to see you next time.


The beach in Shuangyue Bay, Huizhou, Guangdong is so beautiful!

The beach of Shuangyue Bay, Huizhou, Guangdong!

I didn't expect that a pleasant vacation would bring an extra business. It seems that the car inverter and outdoor energy storage power supply are good things. There are so many cars in China, and so many people travel every day. They all need this kind of product. The market must be huge. Next, I will specifically find "Shenzhen Meind Technology Co.,Ltd" to do this business, and let Mr Li  in Kashgar, Xinjiang As the general agent of Northwest China, the products are pushed to all parts of Xinjiang and Russia.


Post time: Dec-12-2022