Solar converter 2000W pure sine wave with display

Solar converter 2000W pure sine wave with display

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Rated power: 2000W

Peak power:4000W

Input voltage: DC12V/24V

Output voltage: AC110V/220V

Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Output waveform: Pure Sine Wave

With display: YES

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Rated power  2000W
Peak power  4000W
Input voltage  DC12V/24V
Output voltage  AC110V/220V
Output frequency  50Hz/60Hz
Output waveform  Pure Sine Wave
With display  YES
Vehicle converter high power
12V to 220V inverter sine wave


1. Various input and output methods: 12V input, 24V input, cigarette lighter input, battery direct input; 220V AC output, 110V AC output, etc., can fully meet the needs of users at home and abroad.
2.Pure sine wave output, no damage to electricity equipment.
3.CPU intelligent control management, module composition, convenient maintenance. 
4. LCD display, the operating parameters are displayed intuitively.
5. High conversion efficiency, strong carriers and strong resistance.
6. Intelligent temperature control fan, energy saving, long life.
7. The design of the industrial frequency structure, the anti -harmonic interference, is not interfered by the perceptual load harmonic, safe and stable.
8. 12V to 220V inverter sine wave specifications are complete. For different standards at home and abroad, the products are divided into several major series of products such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Japan. They can also be designed according to customer needs.
9. The internal protection circuit prevents the effect of electrical pulse or voltage fluctuations. It can withstand the use of electrical appliances with a large impact power such as compressors and TV monitors. The power switch can completely cut off the internal circuit. After cutting, the battery can be protected from damage.
10. Self -protection design. When the voltage is lower than 10V, it will be automatically closed to ensure that the battery has enough electrical energy to start the vehicle.
11. Solar 12V to 220 converter will automatically turn off when overheating or overload; it will be automatically started after recovery.
12. No noise at work. Normal use can run for many years without maintenance.
13. Vehicle converter high power adopts aluminum alloy shell, high -pressure plasma -plated surface technology, high hardness, stable chemical composition, antioxidant, and beautiful appearance.

OEM Auto Inverter 12 220  


1. Electric tool series: chainsaw, drilling machine, grinding machine, sand spraying machine, weeding machine, air compressor, etc.
2. Office equipment series: computers, printers, displays, copies, scanners, etc.
3. Family utensils: vacuum cleaners, fans, fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, electric shears, sewing machines, etc.
4. The kitchen utensil series: microwave oven, refrigerator, freezer, coffee machine, mixer, ice making machine, baking oven, etc.
5. Industrial equipment series: metal halogen, high -pressure sodium lamps, ships, vehicles, solar energy, wind power, etc.
6. Electronic field series: TV, video recorder, game machine, radio, power amplifier, audio equipment, monitoring equipment, terminal equipment, server, smart platform, satellite communication equipment, etc.




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