Pure sine wave inverter 1000W with ups

Pure sine wave inverter 1000W with ups

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Rated power: 1000W

Peak power: 2000W

Input voltage: DC12V/24V

Output voltage: AC110V/220V

Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Output waveform: Pure Sine Wave

UPS function: YES

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Rated power  1000W
Peak power  2000W
Input voltage  DC12V/24V
Output voltage  AC110V/220V
Output frequency  50Hz/60Hz
Output waveform  Pure Sine Wave
UPS function  YES
Power converter transformer
pure sine wave inverter


1.UPS instant switching function to realize automatic switching of solar energy and municipal electricity instantly, and never constantly electricity.
2.Good output voltage stability and complete protection function! Protect your electricity safety at any time.
3. Comes with charging function, small volume and convenient transportation.
4. Smart temperature control heat dissipation, smart fan, faster heat dissipation, and more stable performance.
5. Three -segment split structure circuit design, which uses pure copper transformers to resist pressure, more stable and safer. 


Outdoor auto power converter can also be powered by non -stop power -powered equipment, which can be connected to the municipal and generators. Power converter transformer is suitable for heating equipment (pump, drive, feeder, high -voltage furnace, etc.), automatic gate, automated equipment, electric tools, thermal power plants, heat power plants, heat power plants Cycle pump, submersible pump, computer, server, computer, automatic gate, automatic gate, compressor and any other AC motor that requires pure sine wave voltage output.




Protection advantage

1. Protect personal safety
2. Temperature compensation, protect the battery
3. Battery over charging, discharge protection
4. Overload, short -circuit protection
5. Over -temperature protection
6. Reverse protection
7. AC input, output over -current protection

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