Power Inverter 1000W pure sine wave with display

Power Inverter 1000W pure sine wave with display

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Rated power: 1000W

Peak power: 2000W

Input voltage: DC12V/24V

Output voltage: AC110V/220V

Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Output waveform: Pure Sine Wave

With display: YES

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Rated power  1000W
Peak power  2000W
Input voltage  DC12V/24V
Output voltage  AC110V/220V
Output frequency  50Hz/60Hz
Output waveform  Pure Sine Wave
With display  YES
Auto inverter 1000 watts
12V to 220V inverter high power


1. Universal socket design, easy to use.
2, sine wave output, no damage to electricity equipment.
3. CPU intelligent control management, module composition, convenient maintenance.
4. LCD display, the intuitive display of all running parameters.
5. High conversion efficiency, strong carriers and strong resistance.
6. Intelligent temperature control fan, energy saving, long life.
7. Complete protection functions, such as overvoltage, short circuit and overload protection.
8. The design of the industrial frequency structure, the anti -harmonic interference, is not disturbed by the perceptual load harmonic, safe and stable.
9. The product adopts aluminum alloy shell, high -pressure plasma titanium plating surface process, high hardness, stable chemical composition, antioxidant, and beautiful appearance.


Products are suitable for home, automobiles, ships, solar power generation systems, outdoor mobile energy storage and other fields. Mobile phones, computers, lighting, air conditioning, TV, cashier, refrigerators, washing machines, electric tools, industrial equipment, telecommunications equipment and other types of loads.Car Inverter Truck Quotes.




What are the characteristics of pure sine wave inverter?

1. The output waveform of the pure sine wave inverter is good, the harmonic distortion is very low, the output waveform is consistent with or higher with the AC current waveform of the municipal power grid. Auto inverter 1000 watts have less influence on communication equipment and precision equipment, low use noise, and strong overload adaptability, which can achieve the use of all communication overload, and the work efficiency of the whole machine is relatively high.
2. The electricity output of the 12V to 220V inverter high power  is the same as the grid used in normal use. Extremely stable performance can provide the same AC current as usual. In the case of power satisfaction, it can almost drive any home appliances.
3. High stability of 12V to 220V inverter board: Because it has overvoltage protection, under pressure protection, overload protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection, and anti -connection protection, thereby ensuring the stability of the system.
4. High -efficiency conversion, high efficiency of the whole machine, low -load consumption.
5. Intelligent and intelligent control: The core device is controlled by a powerful functional single -chip microcomputer to promote the simplified structure of the peripheral circuit, and the control methods and control strategies are flexible and strong, thereby ensuring excellent performance and stability.

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