Understanding parameters of outdoor portable power station

Understanding parameters of outdoor portable power station

Generally speaking, outdoor portable power station have both AC and DC output functions. For AC output function, direct current through the inverter, inverter for AC output, can be decided according to different countries of the mains voltage standard is 220V, 110V, or 100V. The DC output function can be conventional 48V, 24V, 19V, 12V, or 5V through the DC-DC converter.

There are many parameters of outdoor portable power station, but general users need to pay attention to the following points if they want to buy the portable power station.

The first is power, the greater the power, the more electronic equipment can be powered, the more rich the content of outdoor activities. For example, the car refrigerator is 150W power, if you want to drive the car refrigerator, the output power of the outdoor portable power station can not be less than 150W. Now the output power of outdoor portable power station is generally 300W, 500W, 600W, 800W, 1200W, 1600W, 2000W and so on. At present, the mainstream output power of the market is about 500W, but there is a trend to the development of large output power.

The second is to look at the battery capacity, the larger the capacity, the longer the power supply time.

Third, you need to see the type and number of output ports. Now most outdoor potable power stations have been fully equipped with 220V or 110V AC output, AC port support sockets and other most electronic equipment; About USB port and Type-C port, you need to see whether support fast charging, now most portable power station can support PD, QC fast charging, it can improve the charging efficiency of mobile devices; Some outdoor portable power station also support car charging output; In addition, the charging side of the interface also need to pay attention to.

Fourth, look at the charging efficiency, the mainstream outdoor portable power station can use wall outlets, car chargers, TYPE-C and solar panels to charge themselves.

Finally, see accessory functions, such as some outdoor portable power station with LED lights, some can be real-time monitoring through APP, remote control switch, and wireless charging.

Understanding parameters of outdoor portable power station

Post time: Jan-13-2023