The introduction of MND-S600 outdoor power supply

The introduction of MND-S600 outdoor power supply

MND-S600 outdoor power supply adopts orange and black appearance design, the shell uses ABS+PC flame-retardant material, which can resist high temperature and avoid potential electric shock and leakage effectively. The interface panel is equipped with LCD information screen, which can display the remaining power, service time, power and other parameters, so as to facilitate users to know the current working condition of the outdoor power supply. The side is equipped with an active cooling fan to ensure high power and stable operation. The other side is equipped with an LED light. The collapsible handle at the top is convenient for users to carry, and the mechanical balance design makes users feel comfortable.

MND-S600 portable power station is equipped with a total of 8 output ports, including 1 AC output port, 3 DC output ports, 3 USB 3.0 output ports and 1 TYPE-C output port. TYPE-C PD quick charge output can support up to 60W high power fast charge output, three USB3.0 ports can directly charge three digital products at the same time. Two 220V/110V AC output ports adopt the pure sine wave inverter output technology, which is the same as the household mains supply waveform and has good compatibility with electrical equipment. It can support the maximum 780W pure sine wave AC output, which can supply power to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, drones, cameras, vehicle refrigerators, audio and other equipment, providing effective power guarantee for users at any time. The other three DC output outlets support 14V8A high-current output to provide electrical support for other electronic devices.

MND-S600 solar generator is equipped with three input ports, four charging methods to choose for users, supporting 12V to 26V DC charging. It can supply power through solar panel, adapter, car charger and TYPE-C, and supports multiple recharging inputs simultaneously. The maximum charging power is 160W, and the 100% full charge takes about 4-6 hours.

MND-S600 energy storage power supply adopts 666Wh high-performance ternary lithium battery as energy storage modes, which has higher energy density and longer life cycles, compared with ordinary battery, it can provide long-term battery life guarantee. Built-in multiple security protections, anti-over current, anti-over voltage, anti-overload, anti-short circuit, anti-overcharge and over-discharge, anti-over temperature, to provide stable and safe power guarantee for users.

600Watts output power, 666Wh capacity, multi-interface design, multiple recharging methods, lightweight and portable, simple to operate, wireless charging and LED lighting, Meind S600 is not only the first choice for camping, but also suitable for a variety of outdoor activities such as road trips, RV trips and outdoor work. 





Post time: Feb-27-2023