Mini outdoor power supply

Mini outdoor power supply

An outdoor power supply that girls can carry, camping [Small power design] Meind M125-300 is a small power outdoor power supply, 300W rated power, A+ lithium-ion battery, pure sine wave AC, can be used by UAV. It can also supply power for digital products such as mobile phones, cameras, notebook computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc., and can also supply power for low-power car refrigerators, kettles, electric fans and other small household appliances.

【Compact and lightweight】Meind 300W energy storage power supply adopts high-frequency resonance technology inverter, the efficiency reaches 95%, and the heat of the inverter is 50% less than that of similar products. place. The alloy casing is light in weight, weighing 2kg, and girls can carry it. It is no problem to carry the power supply from the car to the lawn.

[Rich interfaces] M1250-300 has AC, USB-C, DC, car charger and other interfaces, which can connect multiple electrical devices at the same time, and supports PD fast charging. It supports dual solar panel charging, supports mains charging, and also supports multi-channel combined charging.

[Outdoor features] Meind 300W portable power station can still charge and discharge at     -30°C degrees, and solve the performance problems of lithium batteries in extremely cold environments through preheating technology. The power supply has its own LED light, which can be used outdoors for lighting, supplementary light, and calling for help. The power supply adopts a fanless design, so there will be no noise when camping at night. Meind 300W portable power supply dual solar panel interface charging, doubling the photovoltaic charging efficiency. In addition to the above functions, this energy storage power supply also has the function of UPS, which can be used as an uninterruptible power supply, and can automatically switch to battery power supply when the mains power is cut off.

[Applicable people] First, photography enthusiasts, digital, family camping, self-driving tour and other groups, there are many digital products, and the demand for high-power electrical equipment is not high; second, families with chronic patients need long-term oxygen inhalation or standing refrigeration For medicines, when there is a sudden power failure, Meind 300W energy storage power supply can be used for power supply to ensure uninterrupted treatment and prevent medicines from deteriorating; the third is long-term People engaged in field work, such as surveying and mapping personnel, energy storage power supply provides battery life for walkie-talkies, total stations, drones, GPS and other equipment during the day, and can also supply power for mobile phones, laptops, networks and other equipment in tents at night.


Post time: Mar-29-2023