How to convert portable outdoor power supply

How to convert portable outdoor power supply

With the continuous escalation of outdoor activities, during the epidemic period, outdoor activities have gradually become a way for people to relax and take vacations. The problem of outdoor power consumption has always troubled everyone. However, outdoor power supplies, as a large-capacity portable power supply that can store power, have become one of the essential equipment for people's outdoor activities when playing outdoors. Before purchasing an outdoor energy storage power supply, many people need to know how long it will last and what equipment it can bring. Only in this way can sufficient supply be ensured, so how to calculate the degree of outdoor power supply? Let's learn about the common calculation formulas for the power supply time of outdoor energy storage power supplies

1. How many kilowatt-hours of electricity is equal to 2000Wh of outdoor power supply.

The answer is: 2 degrees of electricity. 2000wh refers to the electrical energy consumed by an electrical appliance with a power of 1000W running for 2 hours, that is, 2 degrees of electricity.

2000Wh energy storage outdoor power supply, how long can it be used during outdoor activities? In fact, this question cannot be answered, it mainly depends on the power of the electrical equipment. The greater the power of the outdoor power supply, the more it can meet the power demand of high-power equipment, and the more electronic equipment can be powered.

The larger the capacity of the outdoor power supply, the stronger the endurance of the outdoor energy storage power supply. The outdoor power supply that can store 2 kilowatt-hours of electricity will also support larger electrical appliances in terms of output power, such as rice cookers, electric ovens, kettles and other common household equipment and most digital equipment can meet the requirements.

2. How to calculate the duration of outdoor power supply.

Taking a 2000Wh outdoor power supply as an example, how many times can it charge a notebook or a projector at most?

1. Calculation of the number of times of use (for power off with battery, such as mobile phones, notebooks, etc.): electric energy * 0.85/equipment electric energy

Example 1: 50Wh notebook (off state): 2000Wh*0.85/50Wh≈34 times

2. Calculation method for charging while using the battery: electric energy * 0.5/equipment electric energy

Example 2: 50Wh notebook (using while charging): 2000Wh*0.5/50Wh≈24 times

3. Calculation of power supply time (equipment without batteries, such as: camping lights, electric fans, electric ovens, etc.): electric energy * 09/equipment output power

Example 3: 10W camping light (without battery equipment): 2000Wh*0.9/10W≈108 hours

4. Why is it not 2000Wh/10Wh=200 times when calculating? Because when we use the outdoor energy storage power supply, there is a certain loss during operation. This includes the cooling fan in the power supply, the inverter and other outdoor power supply accessories are also working at the same time, so after many tests in the laboratory, the final calculation formula is obtained.

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