Car Converter 200W 12V 220V 110V with USB

Car Converter 200W 12V 220V 110V with USB

Short Description:


1.Input Voltage: DC12V

2. Onput Voltage: AC220V/110V

3.Continuous Power Output: 200W

4.Peak Power: 400W

5.Output Waveform: Modified Sine Wave

6.USB output: 5V 2A

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Input Voltage


Onput Voltage


Continuous Power Output


Peak Power


Output Waveform

 Modified Sine Wave

USB output

 5V 2A

Charging converter
Car 12V to 220V inverter


1. Made by imported components and advanced circuit design, the conversion efficiency of the inverter is as high as 90%, strict production quality management system, modern flow production, ensuring product quality.
2. The product specifications are complete. For different standards at home and abroad, the products are divided into several major series of products such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Japan. They can also be designed according to customer needs.
3. The internal protection circuit prevents the effect of electrical pulse or voltage fluctuations. The power switch can completely cut off the internal circuit. After cutting, the battery can be protected from damage.
4. Self -protection design. When the voltage is lower than 10V, it will be automatically closed to ensure that the battery has enough electrical energy to start the vehicle.
5. When overheating or overload, it will be automatically closed, and it will start automatically after returning to normal.
6, no noise at work, normal use can run for many years without maintenance.
7. Various input and output methods: 12V input, 24V input, cigarette lighter input, battery direct input; 220V AC output, 110V AC output, etc., can fully meet the needs of users at home and abroad.
8. The product adopts aluminum alloy shell, high -pressure plasma titanium plating surface process, high hardness, stable chemical composition, antioxidant, and beautiful appearance.Car Inverter Truck Quotes.


Fast charging of Car 12V to 220V inverter is a new power solution developed by Meind for high demand and mobile power applications to meet the higher demand for users in the digital area for efficiency and flexibility. Charging converter Converter 12V-220V DC into AC (generally 220V or 110V), mainly for mobile phones, electric shaver, digital camera, camera and other batteries.




How to charge the car to the computer? Can you do the power supply of the notebook in the cigarette lighter on the car?

A: The answer may disappoint you, no ~!
The voltage on the car varies with the battery capacity. When the 100A battery is launched in the car, the voltage and current change is small. 40A or 60A will have a large voltage fluctuation.
100A batteries are generally used on freight cars. I am afraid you won't you work on the truck?
This fluctuation is very harmful to the electrical equipment on the car, but it is normal to burn the notebook, because the notebook will run at a high power when the notebook is powered by the external power supply. In other words, if you press a horn, you may burn the machine. Then, how to use a computer notebook on a car? Is there really no way? There must be a method.
This product will reverse the AC power of 12V.24V or 48V to 220V, so that you can use the notebook power supply to the inverter normally.

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